6 Questions with Liz Sutton, Interior Designer

Axis Architecture Staff Profile

Liz Sutton is a native Hoosier who joined Axis just over a year ago. When she’s not working on projects like the Ford Building, she’s remodeling her 100-year-old brick home or working with plants. Here’s what Liz had to say about interior design, her Axis-versary, and her love for Frank Lloyd Wright.



What is most rewarding about being an interior designer? 

Being able to design a space that evokes a positive feeling in someone. Knowing you can design an environment to help someone learn better, feel better, or work better. Everyone strives to make a difference in this world, and this is how I can help.


Your first Axis-versary is coming up! What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned since joining the team? 

That the architects and interior designers are treated equally, and everyone works on the same team with a similar goal.


What is the best career advice you’ve ever received? 

It was from my grandmother Margaret Sutton. She always told me to “get a good job and be proud of what you’re doing.” She was a constant inspiration and a big reason why I chose interior design as a career. She went to college and studied art and architecture; I went to college and studied studio art and interior design. She designed and built her first home; I’m currently renovating my first home.


Did your grandmother introduce you to Frank Lloyd Wright? 

He was her favorite architect. She would say, “No one else likes his work as much as he likes his work.” She gave me my first Frank Lloyd Wright book. It was filled only with hand-drawn floor plans and sketches. I’ll never forget how those floor plans and sketches made me feel. I would spend hours “redrawing” the plans, imagining I lived there.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I’m usually making something. If I’m not working on my 100-year-old brick home in Fountain Square, I’m probably working with plants or exploring with my dog. I like to say I have a rather “healthy” obsession with plants and learning how to care for them.


What’s your “pipe dream” project? 

To call my home 100 percent completed. But the reality is there will always be another project to finish, and I honestly love that! I thrive on new projects, learning how to build something, re-designing, and even fixing something I did wrong.