When I need inspiration, I like to walk through urban spaces.

Kurt Green Associate AIA Architectural Associate

A natural collaborator, he brings a steadfast enthusiasm to the team, as well as a talent for unifying various perspectives. In fact, one of his favorite things about working at Axis is the effort made to include every employee in the design process which speaks to the firm’s interest in elevating everyone’s voice.

Outside of Axis, Kurt finds modern history inspiring, especially as each decade consists of its own web of cultural innovations, and enjoys observing how previous eras have left their mark on the built environment. He sees architecture as one of the many strands in that web, inextricably intertwined with other elements, which explains why exploring history through various subjects (literature, fashion, philosophy, religion, film, etc.) is important to his approach as a designer. One of his favorite activities is to walk through urban spaces and speculate about the historical trajectories that created them.