Business Furniture Bearing Drive

As Indiana’s largest provider of office furniture, it was important for Business Furniture to have a space that showcases their philosophy that a workspace influences not only the culture and attitude of a business, but also their results. Axis was tasked to transform 11,000 square feet of office space, with a 30’ ceiling height, into a space that feels welcoming and conceals the fact that you’re in an industrial park setting. We designed the office environment with spaces that create spontaneous interaction. While the space encourages collaboration, it also features private areas to focus. The design is about connecting and about simplicity. Combining a tapestry of texture, organic forms and clean lines with natural colors and vibrant accents, which have been strategically placed to create a one of a kind work environment.

The design is about connecting. Connecting the outside with the interior. Space with movement. Geometry with organic form. Connecting people with their environment.