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Fishers Art Center and Municipal Building Design

Fishers Art Center and Municipal Building

We were honored to collaborate with Context and BW Construction on our submission for the design of the new Fishers Arts Center and Municipal building.

Public and Private

Our design has both private and public components. It was important that the design support a robust art program. This includes an auditorium to fit 400 people, fine arts classrooms, and a pottery studio among other features. There is also a City Council Chambers with seating for 50, a Town Court, and Council Meeting Room.

Office Component

The office component exterior has a vertical and horizontal frame made of Trespa, a phenolic material resembling wood without the maintenance. The West and East sides of the office component are clad in Indiana Limestone with horizontal slot openings to stay consistent with the surrounding architecture.

Exterior Spaces

A private rooftop deck sits above the offices along with smaller decks on the west side. The mayoral office is private and sits on the top floor facing north with its own private deck. We added punched openings that allow for daylight to penetrate the building interior.

It was a pleasure getting to work alongside Mayor Scott Fadness in determining the needs and desires for this exciting project.

Martindale-Brightwood Branch Library Receives LEED Silver

The new Martindale-Brightwood Library is more than just a building. Even before the first sketch was produced, the Library and design team organized a discovery process to understand the hopes, wants, and needs of the community. These efforts revealed a desire for the Library to reflect African American culture, the rich history of the area, and the undeniable spirit of the people who call it home. The Library, which sits on a brown-field redevelopment in an economically depressed area received its LEED Silver certification in August 2021. Continue reading “Martindale-Brightwood Branch Library Receives LEED Silver” »

Fire Station Design White River Township Station No. 53

Visuals provided by Heroes Next Door


When the old station was scheduled to be demolished, White River Township Fire Department in Greenwood, IN wanted to work with a firm that had extensive fire station design experience. We partnered with them to design the new Station No. 53. The station serves a community of 35,000 people and answers around 3,200 emergency calls per year.
Continue reading “Fire Station Design White River Township Station No. 53” »

Answers to All Your Burning Questions about the Amphitheater at White River State Park

When the Amphitheater at White River State Park opens this summer, there will be a new permanent stage and fixed seating. But that doesn’t mean the lawn is going away, or that the general admission pit is disappearing. Here’s everything you need to know about the makeover at White River State Park. Continue reading “Answers to All Your Burning Questions about the Amphitheater at White River State Park” »

Say ‘Hello’ to the Axis Interns, Designers of the Future

This summer, interns Lily Jackson, Alvin Laguerre, and Grace Bartko brought new perspectives to Axis, as well as a passion for high design. Over the course of the summer, this talented trio has worked on office and auditorium renovations, door schedules, multi-family projects, the new Family Resource Center for VIPS Indiana, the elephant walk at the Indianapolis Zoo, the Harrison Center, and Options Charter School. It’s been an honor to have Lily, Alvin, and Grace intern for us, and while we will miss their energy and creativity, we wish them the best as they had back to school. Continue reading “Say ‘Hello’ to the Axis Interns, Designers of the Future” »

How a Redesign Helps You Reinvest in Your Company

You’re a business owner. A CEO. A chief financial officer. Your plate is full, and you’ve got a lot on your mind, especially when it comes to company growth. You know your business – no matter how quickly it grows – must continue to fulfill its mission. To keep up, you and your colleagues have been talking about reinvesting in your space. Maybe your company is expanding, and you need a more creative configuration of space. Or maybe your office is outdated, and you need to increase efficiency and productivity. No matter the scenario, you want to ensure that a redesign has a return on investment. Here’s how to go about sharing the news and making the transition. Continue reading “How a Redesign Helps You Reinvest in Your Company” »

Year in Review: 2018

It’s down-right difficult to describe 2018 in one word. “Rewarding,” “challenging,” exciting,” and introspective” are all fine words, but they don’t quite capture the nuances. So, instead of summarizing 2018 with an adjective, here’s what we started, what we finished, what we learned, and what caught our eye(s). Here’s what. Continue reading “Year in Review: 2018” »

Brightwood Branch: The library as “the third place”

“The third place.” Attributed to Ray Oldenburg, the phrase refers to an inclusive, comfortable space that isn’t home (“the first place”) or the office (“the second place”). Informal in nature, the third place encourages individuals to interact, exchange ideas, and have a good time. Coffee shops, neighborhood pubs, fitness centers, and houses of worship are all examples. So, too, are libraries – especially the new Brightwood Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library. Continue reading “Brightwood Branch: The library as “the third place”” »

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