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Makerspaces and The Rise of the Maker Movement in Indiana

Over the past few months, you might have caught wind of the latest buzzword in design, technology, and the intersection of the two – the Maker Movement. The Maker Movement refers generally to the inventors, designers, and technologists who are paving the way in the latest, contemporary wave of DIY culture. From artisanal craftspeople to computer hackers, this movement encompasses a wide range of creative individuals who identify as, simply, makers.

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The Modern Fire Station: Bold Designs, Clean Lines, & Civic Presence

Axis believes in bold designs and clean lines. So when it comes to civic projects, we always consider civic presence—when a building adds character and compelling design to the surrounding streetscape. But for fire stations, it’s more than just glass walls and bright colors; it’s about making the buildings into iconic civic anchors. And it’s about making them efficient and functional for firefighters while supporting the culture of the fire department.
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Designing for Total Wellness: Cummins LiveWell Center

The Cummins LiveWell Center is a 28,000-square-foot wellness center located in downtown Columbus, Ind. It provides services to Cummins employees and their families and houses services that include primary and urgent care, physical medicine, preventive services, and lifestyle coaching. It features courtyards, medical “bullpens” where physicians can converse and collaborate, and interior design by our own Ashley Lee. But in addition to celebrating individuals’ total wellness, the LiveWell Center had to complement the city’s existing architecture.

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