THE LUME – An Immersive Art Experience

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THE LUME, which is slated to open in Indianapolis this summer, invites viewers to step into the exciting new world of multi-sensory experiences. The permanent exhibit occupies the Fourth Floor of Newfields giving visitors 30,000 square feet of immersive art experience but will feature different exhibits over time with the first year featuring the works of Vincent Van Gogh.



The exhibit, which is developed by Grande Experiences, an Australian company, utilizes SENSORY4TM to transform two-dimensional paintings into a breathtaking three-dimensional world. The technology is a unique system that combines multi-channel motion graphics and cinema-quality surround sound. The result is an experience that is contactless and offers visitors the opportunity to practice social distancing through timed-entry and open spaces.

THE LUME, which features an impressive 150 projectors to bring masterpieces like The Starry Night to life, required an extensive reconfiguration of the space. Axis Architecture worked with Grande Experiences and Newfields to create a framework that would enable the permanent exhibit to seamlessly integrate with the building while remaining flexible enough to evolve over time.



After using LiDAR technology which uses infrared light to map out a hyper-accurate 3D image of the existing structure, Axis and Grande partnered to mastermind a completely custom plan for the Newfields space. The immersive art experience displays more than 3,000 Van Gogh images at an enormous scale. This required giant wall, ceiling and even floor surfaces to project onto. To achieve this, we reconfigured the layout to create a canvas for viewers to absorb the hyper-fine details of the photographs and videos featured.

In addition to changing the layout, Axis collaborated to create an unforgettable exit experience designed by Grande and Phanomen which includes a skewed-perspective replica of Van Gogh’s room in Arles and retail shop and café space.

Axis also addressed mechanical, electrical, and even plumbing needs for the exhibit. For example, the entire floor requires year-round cooling from the heat generated from the projectors. We designed and installed HVAC so that we could enclose windows and block light infiltration. This helped to create the perfect environment within which to create the multi-sensory digital world. We also remodeled the restrooms to meet ADA guidelines, update the finishes, and meet expected traffic increase.


Axis acted as the bridge between Australia-based Grande Experiences and Newfields, leveraging local partnerships and expertise to facilitate project progress. Thanks to ongoing communication and collaboration, THE LUME is scheduled to open later this Spring welcoming audiences of all ages to enjoy the immersive art experience of Vincent Van Gogh.




Partner-in-Charge – Drew White
Project Manager – Matt MacDonald

Exhibition Designer – Grande Experiences
Structural Engineer – Fink, Roberts & Petrie, Inc.
MEP Engineer – Applied Engineering Services
Interior Designer – Phanomen
Kitchen & Restaurant Design – C-T Design And Equipment Co.
Contractor – Wurster Construction