Fire Station Design White River Township Station No. 53

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Visuals provided by Heroes Next Door


When the old station was scheduled to be demolished, White River Township Fire Department in Greenwood, IN wanted to work with a firm that had extensive fire station design experience. We partnered with them to design the new Station No. 53. The station serves a community of 35,000 people and answers around 3,200 emergency calls per year.


The station occupies nearly 24,000 square feet of living and firehouse space over 2 stories. It functions as a combination firehouse, headquarters, and sheriff’s substation and has 3.5 apparatus bays that are common to both the fire and police departments.

This unique concept sits on the corner of Pleasant Grove Elementary School, a desire expressed by the school corporation to facilitate quick response times in the event of an active shooter incident, medical emergency, and during fire drills.



View of the apparatus bay.





We coordinated closely with the fire chief, Jeremy Pell, to implement some unique features. These included a safe baby system, decontamination zones, and separate siren systems.

The entire station is divided into red, yellow, and green zones which indicate the level of contamination. Special consideration was given to the layout and ventilation of these areas to facilitate the rapid removal of exhaust carcinogens and combustible vapors in the apparatus bay, as well as preventing fumes and vapors from reaching the interior living areas.

Great consideration was given to the private sleeping quarters in order to protect the sleep of the emergency response teams. EMS and fire service sirens are on separate systems and set to ring with increasing volume so that when a call comes in, only those who need to respond are awakened.




Axis has extensive experience in emergency services facilities and fire station design and is familiar with the NFPA, nationally recognized emergency response standards, and all-hazards response needs. This helps us reconcile an organization’s wish list with the realities of design and safety concerns while successfully blending the facility into the community it serves.




Partner-in-Charge – Kevin Cooper
Project Manager – Chris Hagan
Project Architects – Brian Gulden, Ashley Thornberry
Interior Designer – Erica Stoppenhagen

Civil Engineer – HWC Engineering
Structural Engineer – FRP Inc.
MEP Engineer – Circle Design Group
Construction Manager – Envoy