Say “Hello” to Axis’s Newest Architectural Associate

Axis Architecture Staff Profile

Say “hello” to Axis’s newest architectural associate, Mitchell Archer. Mitchell comes to Axis by way of the University of Kentucky, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in architecture. As an undergrad, Mitchell served as the chapter vice president for the American Institute of Architecture Students and as the conference chair for the 2019 AIAS Midwest Quad Conference. The Ohio native joined the team earlier this fall and is most eager to work on urban projects.

Mitchell Archer
Mitchell Archer comes to Axis by way of the University of Kentucky, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in architecture. Mitchell, a northeast Ohio native, joined the team earlier this fall.

As a child growing up in New Philadelphia, Ohio, Mitchell enjoyed sketching and playing with LEGOs. His childhood hobbies almost directly mimic what he does today as an architectural associate. “In college, my favorite part was building models,” Mitchell says. “And to this day, I still really enjoy sketching.” The University of Kentucky grad also enjoys finding creative solutions to complex problems – hence his enthusiasm for projects with a lot of variables.

Mitchell was drawn to architecture because of its ability to influence how people experience the built environment. He also appreciates the opportunity to have fun, to be creative. “I believe my designs are typically bold, whatever the setting,” Mitchell says. “I enjoy applying geometries to places where they do not already exist.” He also likes to integrate nature into his work, under the belief that everyone should regularly interact with it. Mitchell’s love for the outdoors also is reflected in his hobbies. In his free time, he likes to go hiking or find places to hang out in his hammock. Documentaries on history, nature, and space also draw his attention. And whenever Mitchell is feeling stuck, a walk around the block will usually spark some ideas. (Although, for Mitchell, inspiration sometimes can strike anywhere, at any time – including the middle of the night.)

Travel also serves as a catalyst for creativity. During his last semester as an undergrad, Mitchell spent three weeks in Beijing. Mitchell spent the first week at an internship, and the next two weeks with his collaborative studio. “I enjoyed seeing all the experimental architecture that is built there,” says Mitchell. “I also have a great appreciation for ancient Chinese architecture and the details they achieved on such a large scale.”