Article: DAYLIGHT // S1 E3, a summary

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People for Urban Progress (PUP) is currently hosting DAYLIGHT, a six-part speaker series focused on urban challenges. Recently, Ashley Thornberry wrote about DAYLIGHT // S1 E3, which focused on development in the Market East District.


DAYLIGHT // S1 E3 was held at the Cummins Distribution Headquarters.
On June 19, PUP hosted the third of six talks related to urban design and urban challenges. The talk was held at the Cummins Distribution Headquarters.


The discussion, held at the Cummins Distribution Headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, addressed the balance between private and public space. Axis’ own Drew White served as a panelist and stressed the importance of contentiousness. “We can’t turn our back on equity,” he said. “We have to watch our elitism.”

Check out Ashley’s write-up for a more detailed exploration of downtown developments, especially those in Market East.