Article: Heavy Hitters in the Heartland

Axis Architecture News

For interior designers Ashley Fronterhouse Lee and Kathleen Lemaster, the Crossroads of America is the perfect place for innovative design. In an interview with Interiors + Sources, the design duo talked about holistic design and the importance of empathizing with clients.


“You have to be able to empathize with a client and put yourself in their shoes, their situation, their culture,” Ashley said. “It’s not about incorporating a lot of things that are trendy … it’s about understanding the client to develop a flow within the space that is supported by design elements and aesthetic.”

To read more about Ashley and Kathleen’s design process, check out the latest issue of Interiors + Sources. Several of Axis’ projects, including Jarden Home Brands, MOBI, and the Cummins LiveWell Center, were featured.