New Year, New Technology, New Projects: What’s Coming Up in 2018

Axis Architecture Blog Post

No matter how you look at it – professionally, personally, politically – 2017 was a milestone year. And since we’re only a few weeks into 2018, we’re still reflecting on the previous 12 months.

Over the past year, we’ve added four full-time employees (Dawn, Liz, Kurt, and Matt), wrapped up a number of projects (here’s looking at you, Hammond No. 8), and started several new ones (hello, Ford Building). We attended conferences, gave talks, explored Exhibit Columbus, and hosted 2017 AIA President Thomas Vonier. We also snagged some awards. (Twelve, in fact.)

So, with 2017 under our belt, what’s in store for 2018?

photo by Samuel Zeller

A New Reality

All architects have something in common: they must communicate designs to clients, developers, and stakeholders, and must do so effectively. While traditional 2-D drawings and 3-D models help clients visualize a space, technological advances have put virtual reality (VR) at the forefront of the design process. VR allows clients to explore and interact with their space before breaking ground. It is easier for clients to provide feedback, too, as they can “walk” through a hallway, or “see” the slant of sunlight through a glass curtain wall. Here at Axis, we’ve been testing out the Oculus Rift – the same technology Gensler and other international firms use. It’s pretty snazzy, if we do say so ourselves, and it elevates our person-centered approach to design.


We Built are Building this City

From interior renovations to mixed-use developments to brand-new libraries, we’ve got plenty of projects to keep us busy. In fact, we’re holding a public meeting next week to talk about the new Brightwood Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library. We’re also renovating the former Greyhound bus terminal, helping ACLU design a new space, and continuing our work with a local insurance company. One of the biggest projects we have right now? The historic Ford Building. We’re working with TWG Development to renovate and redevelop the 200,000-square-foot building, which was constructed in 1914 and employed more than 500 workers. The project, when completed, will include office space for TWG, 132 apartments, and more than 5,000 square feet of retail space.


Getting Involved, Giving Back

Design is only one of our passions, and in 2018, we’re making it our mission to get involved and give back. Alternatives, the Boys & Girls Club, the Damien Center, GiGi’s Playhouse, the Indianapolis Art Center, Purchased, and Westminster Neighborhood Services are just a few of the organizations Axis team members serve or have served as volunteers or board members. We are also working with iMOCA on a spring art show that will be held at our studio, which we share with Rundell Ernstberger Associates. We are excited to host the event, and we look forward to opening our space for other architecture, art, design, and urban planning events.