Article: Walk-in Doctor Visits at Work? Welcome to the Office Health Center

Axis Architecture News

The Cummins LiveWell Center recently made an appearance in The Wall Street Journal. The article, titled “Walk-in Doctor Visits at Work? Welcome to the Office Health Center,” talks about businesses that are bringing medical care to the workplace. 

Image by Adam McCauley


“Employers hoping to keep workers healthy and productive are moving beyond yoga workshops and webinars on work-life balance,” the article says. “More and more businesses are establishing on-site medical clinics, where employees can receive primary care and in some cases consult with specialists — all without venturing far from work.”

The Cummins LiveWell Center, which Axis completed in 2016, is such a place. The 28,000-square-foot employee wellness center houses pediatrics, general medicine, physical therapy, massage therapy, and behavioral health. There is also a teaching kitchen and multi-purpose room. To learn more about the project, or how other organizations are embracing wellness, check out The Wall Street Journal.