Article: Incorporating Private Dorm Rooms into Fire Stations

Axis Architecture News

Traditionally, fire stations have featured a large dormitory — one furnished with individual beds, bunk beds, or wall (Murphy) beds. But as more women join the profession, gender-neutral spaces have become a necessity. Check out this Firehouse article to learn more about our fire station projects, and how we balance community space with private sleeping quarters.

Having worked on more than two dozen fire station projects, we understand the importance of balancing private and public space. Community areas promote camaraderie and interaction, while private sleeping quarters provide a sense of respite and relaxation. And with a growing number of women and individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender also joining departments, the need for privacy is even more pertinent. To learn more about the importance of incorporating quiet, personal space into a fire station, check out Firehouse.